Vendor Refund & Cancellation Policy

This document forms part of Toours Organiser' Vendor Agreement and is meant be read with Vendor agreement, Terms of business and User agreement.

In the event, Toours Organiser is in receipt of a refund and/or cancellation request (s), received in accordance with our Refund And Cancellation Policies setforth in Toours Organiser User agreement, such requests shall be processed in the manner hereinafter setforth:

  1. The collection towards the bookings, purchases and subscriptions are held by Toours Organiser subject to the Vendor agreement. In the event a refund claim is made by the User in accordance with the refund and cancellation policies setforth in User agreement, Toours Organiser reserves the right to settle such claims with the balances available in your Toours Organiser' account and send the intimations thereof.
  2. Services booked/subscribed/purchased but not availed, partly availed or cancelled by the User:
    1. A User is allowed to make refund claims till 30 days after the travel date, subscribing or purchasing the services on the platform. Therefore, all the request received within the aforesaid period shall be eligible for refund.
    2. In the event of no-show, unutilized bookings, purchases or subscriptions by the Users, and if the refund request is received by Toours Organiser within the stipulated time period, it shall be processed within five (5) working days of receipt and the amounts refunded, if any, shall be adjusted with the credit balance available in your account. In the event, a refund request is received by Toours Organiser and there is no clear balance available in your account, Toours Organiser shall forward such request to you for your action. You agree to process such refund requests within five (5) working days. Except in cases of dispute, in no circumstances, the refund shall be delayed for more than seven (7) working days.
    3. In the event of cancellation of the bookings, purchases or subscription, a refund claim shall automatically stand raised and the User shall genuinely be entitled to the refund of the amount paid in connection of the cancelled booking, purchase and or subscription within five (5) working day and the amounts refunded, if any, shall be adjusted with the credit balance available in your account.
  3. You agree to accept the refund and cancellation claims and accept the action of Toours Organiser processing the refunds thereof, if the Service(s) has been found not to be in accordance with the description provided on the Platform.


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