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Simple pricing Pay as you grow...!

No setup fees.
No transaction fees.

Pricing that scales with
you as you grow.

Cancel at any point.
No hard feelings.

FeaturesSolution StartUp Hobby ScaleUpGrowth
PricingPay as you grow 3,600/yearly 9,999/yearly
Busniess Categories Ex: Activity, Day Tour, Event, Rental etc One All
ActivitiesYour products Ten Unlimited
Online Booking Your products will be displayed on online
Mobile Booking App Easy access mobile app will be provided
Check TicketScanning QR Code from ticket with mobile
MPOS Mobile Point of Sale
Order ManagementOrders can be managed on-the-go
Account ManagementWallets, Credit/Debit Card & NetBanking
SMS & Email alerts Bookings, Canellations & more
Channel SalesMobile Sales agents & Third websites
Support Tech & Sales support Basic Premium
UsersStaff Users Admin + 1 Staff User Admin + 10 Staff Users
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Payment gateway fees will be applicable. Toours Organiser uses EBS as its payment gateway. The size of the fee depends on your country and sales volume, and is usually around 2%-4%.

We provide hosting for your website and take care of all technical issues. When we release new features, your website is automatically updated. Just sit back and relax.

Using your own domain and outgoing email address is only available with a paid subscription.

Currency is INR (Indian Rupee).

Who counts as a user?

Anyone can browse your website without having to create a user account. However, in order to buy or sell something, a user account needs to be created.

What does "own domain" mean?

By default, the address of your website is "username.Toours Organiser". However, you may use your own domain ( instead. This feature is available in all our paid plans except for "Hobby".

What happens if I want to leave?

If you are not satisfied with Toours Organiser, you are free to leave at any point.


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